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What Clients Are Saying

  • I have been a motor accident victim for 3.5 years now and Melanie and her team impresses me in every session. Our session always starts off with a "how do you feel this week" and right there Melanie works to help relieve pain/fatigue/headaches/soreness. Does not waste your time, always with a smile and just a breathe of fresh air. I am in great hands.

    - Flericel O.

  • RPM Physiotherapy is outstanding! I have taken advantage of both their physiotherapy and massage services seeking help for injuries, but I am also trying to be more proactive about utilizing this amazing place to stay healthy rather than waiting for a crisis. Melanie is exceptionally warm and welcoming, and every time I leave from a treatment, I feel so much better than when I walked through the door. I received a deep tissue massage just last week and in one hour the massage therapist was able to work out months of muscular imbalance and stress. This community is second to none, I highly recommend checking it out.

    - Kelley F.

  • Thank you SO much for taking care of it , and me, and giving me the physical help and psychological confidence to do the race.

    - Jane H.

  • Amazing amazing amazing massage! Some of you know that I bunged up my shoulder 2 weeks ago and have been experiencing some restricted range of motion. Physiotherapy from Melanie Stevens Sutherland got it about 80% better and that massage yesterday has given me back my full range of motion! I ❤ Halinka!

    - Kara S.

  • After tearing my ACL, I was really worried about what level of activity I would be able to get back to physically. Melanie guided me through the early days right after surgery to getting me back to playing hockey and lacrosse at a competitive level. Not only does my knee feel great but I am stronger and more fit than before my injury. Thanks for keeping me in the game.

    - Drew C.

  • I cannot say enough about the wonderful treatments I've had at RPM for both physiotherapy and massage! Every client I've sent there has also come back with raving reviews of their treatments!

    - Kara S.

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