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2016 Healthy Gift Guide

The holidays are always a time of year filled with mixed emotions. I think many of us feel the tug between the joy of time with friends and family balanced with the stress of creating those perfect moments and memories. Gift gifting holds the same jumble of joy and anxiety for me. I love giving something thoughtful but finding that gift has become more and more challenging. There is seldom something we really need and it can be harder to find something people genuinely want.

At RPM Physiotherapy, we have been carefully cultivating our retail section. I feel a strong responsibility to bring our clients high quality products that will have a lasting impact on their health. Our retail focus has never been about boosting a sale but rather on making the products that our practitioners love and use more accessible to our clients. There is not a single thing that we sell that I don’t personally have in my home and use with my own family.


For that reason, instead of giving a tie that Dad will never wear or that candle which will ultimately be re-gifted, you may want to consider giving the gift of health to your loved ones. Here are my top picks for healthy gifts in 2016.

Registered Massage Therapy


I consider massage therapy an essential service. I have a massage monthly regardless of how I feel. It keeps my muscles loose, my joints well aligned and prevents injury. Selfishly it also feels really good. Others consider massage an indulgence. Either way, it is an amazing form of self-care, stress management and physical and mental recovery. I know every single person on my list could use that kind of gift. An added bonus is that if your loved one has coverage, they will actually get reimbursed for their massage which can then be put towards another treatment.

Gift certificates for massage can be purchased for 30, 45, 60 or 90 minutes increments and never expire.

Compression Socks

prenatal sports-running-1180x480

Do you have a traveller in your life? Perhaps you know someone who works on their feet all day or sits at a desk for 8 hours? Is there an expectant mom-to-be or an athlete in your family? If so, compression makes a fantastic gift. It improves circulation, prevents swelling, reduces muscle ache and decreases the incidence of venous disease including varicose veins. This is also no longer your grandma’s compression. New styles are fashion forward and made from beautiful fabrics such as merino wool and Sea Island cotton.

Gift certificates are the best option as they allow us to book a custom fitting at no charge and the lucky gift recipient can claim the cost of the socks through private insurance with a physician’s referral.

Himalayan Bath Salts


Who doesn’t enjoy a luxurious soak in the tub after a long day? The problem with many of the spa products available is they are chemical ridden and expensive. Conversely, Himalayan bath salts are completely natural and contain 84 minerals that are important to restoring healthy muscle function and reducing toxicity in the body. They are food grade safe and make for the perfect post workout retreat.

We just brought in gorgeous 2.5kg bags (approximately 7 detoxifying baths) for $20 which are already close to being sold out.

Essential Oils

Essential oils

I use essential oils for just about everything in our house. They are heavy lifters in every arena including keeping our home clean, preventing and treating the common ailments, reducing food (and other) odours, improving sleep quality and decreasing anxiety and other harmful emotions. Essentially they are nature’s remedies without the chemical toxins. All of our essential oils are the highest purity and potency which means you get a long lasting bang for your buck.

We stock several of the most popular oils but can order in just about anything your heart desires. A beautiful oil and diffuser make a spectacular gift for the health conscious person on your list. Feel free to ask questions about what might suit your secret Santa best.

Acuball products


Dr. Cohen’s Acuball makes the perfect stocking stuffer. It is one of the only self-massagers on the market that can be heated to enhance its effects. If you know someone constantly complaining of muscle soreness, it is a great addition to a gym bag or travel kit. Acuballs come in mini, regular or the delux Acuback size.

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