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RPM Physiotherapy is a boutique physiotherapy and massage therapy clinic located inside of RPM Total Fitness, in the heart of the Junction. Our expert team of healthcare providers is committed to helping our clients achieve the healthiest version of themselves by providing excellence in orthopedic, sport and pre and post natal healthcare. Whether you are looking to improve athletic performance, optimize your health or simply get back on your feet, we employ the most current and effective treatment techniques to help you meet your personal goals.

Clients enjoy one-on-one treatments sessions with a senior physiotherapist  or massage therapist in the privacy of individual treatment rooms. We also offer access to the state-of-the-art equipment, programming and training facilities. Our services include manual and sport physiotherapy, registered massage therapy, fascial stretch therapy, rehabilitation based Pilates, pre and post natal healthcare, motor vehicle accident rehabilitation, therapeutic taping and personal training. For further information on our offerings, please visit our Services page.

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Our Team

Melanie Stevens Sutherland

Clinic Director / Registered Manipulative Physiotherapist HonsBKin, MSc(PT), FCAMT

Melanie is a graduate of McMaster University and brings 15 years of experience as a sport physiotherapist to RPM. She has enjoyed a long tenure working with active populations at prestigious sport medicine clinics. Past clients include Provincial, National and Olympic level athletes as well as members of the National Football League, the Canadian Football League, the Ontario Hockey League, the American Hockey League, the National Lacrosse League and Major League Soccer. She has also worked extensively with elite level endurance athletes. She enjoys treating all patients with orthopaedic concerns and is passionate about preventing injury and illness through healthy lifestyle. As a new Mom, her most recent area of interest is working with pre- and post-natal women to manage pain associated with pregnancy by helping restore their core strength.

Melanie is a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Therapy and is qualified to perform spinal and peripheral manipulation. She is a Professional Associate to the School of Rehabilitation Science at McMaster University and a clinical supervisor for the Department of Physical Therapy at the University of Toronto. Melanie is a Rehab Pilates instructor and is certified to teach group TRX classes. Her treatments include not only manual therapy but also a strong exercise prescription component to prevent further injury. Contact Melanie directly at physiotherapy@rpmstudio.ca.

Jordan Fortuna

Manager of Clinical Services / Registered Physiotherapist

Jordan is a graduate of the University of Toronto Physiotherapy program and has since been practicing in orthopaedic settings. He has developed an interest in sports physiotherapy through his many years as an athlete, participating in baseball, golf, snowboarding, and more recently rock-climbing, cycling, and strength training. He has worked with a variety of clientele including athletes from disciplines such as competitive dancing, running, rock-climbing, and mixed-martial arts, as well as non-athletes of a wide age range and ability. Regardless of activity level, he is dedicated to improving mobility, optimizing function, and strengthening to help achieve your goals through the use of an individualized exercise prescription and manual therapy. He also has additional training in acupuncture and sports taping. Contact Jordan directly at jordan@rpmstudio.ca.

Sandra Ghaly

Registered Paediatric and Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist

Sandra graduated from Dalhousie University with a Masters degree in Physiotherapy after completing her Bachelor of Kinesiology degree with honours from McMaster University. She has worked with a variety of clientele but has developed a true passion in working with both the paediatric and women’s health populations. Sandra has extensive experience assessing and treating a variety of paediatric conditions and most recently has become certified as a pelvic health physiotherapist. She also has additional training in acupuncture and kinesiotaping. Sandra finds great value in guiding each individual through a tailored rehabilitation program to optimize their function and quality of life. In her free time, Sandra enjoys yoga, pilates, traveling and spending time with family and friends.

Heather Heaney

Registered Massage Therapist

In 2005 Heather Heaney graduated from Sutherland -Chan school of Massage Therapy. As a registered massage therapist Deep Tissue, traditional Swedish massage, Therapeutic massage, Pregnancy massage and Breast massage are some of the techniques used in her practice. With many tools, Heather can help you choose the Therapy that best suits you.

Leah Henderson

Registered Kinesiologist / Osteopathy Candidate

Leah is a registered kinesiologist and fourth year Osteopathy Candidate. She a natural medicine practitioner and believes the body has a tremendous ability to heal itself. She uses her manual practice to help patients restore tissue mobility, position and vitality. She is a graduate of McMaster University’s kinesiology program and former varsity soccer athlete who is focused not only on short term health but also on long term recovery. She understands that people play an active role in their recovery and recognizes the benefits of both aerobic and resistance training. She has a keen interest in cranial health due to her many concussions received through sport. However, with her second degree in Gerontology she also understands the aging population. In her spare time you can find Leah spending time with friends, enjoying the outdoors or being active. She loves, to run, climb, cycle, ski or play any sport! She is a certified spin instructor and challenge course practitioner and she is committed to healthy active living!

Florence Bowen

Osteopathy Candidate

Florence was first introduced to alternative therapeutic modalities in her teens, as a dancer and competitive athlete. After high school, Florence furthered her dance training and obtained her Honors Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from McMaster University. Teaming up with the artistic director of the McMaster University contemporary dance company, she developed introductory dance classes for children and teens across Hamilton. Inspired to further her teaching skill-set, she obtained her yoga teacher certification in Hatha yoga. Florence teaches across the city and combines her knowledge of human kinetics, dance, strength and conditioning, and yoga. Teaching movement to pre and postnatal women, and coaching as a birth doula, she gained a unique perspective into the supportive systems available to new and expecting mothers. Florence has an affinity for the holistic approach to women’s care. She is passionate about the assimilation of progressive knowledge to educate and empower women at any stage of life including: pre-conception, pregnancy and recovery after birth. Most recently, Florence completed her five years of study at the Canadian College of Osteopathy in Toronto. As a manual therapist, she believes in having her patients actively participate in their healing. She currently is working to complete her thesis which will examine how osteopathic treatment effects diastasis-recti abdominus in postnatal women.

Crystal McIntyre

Certified Holistic Nutritionist / Certified Iridologist

Crystal believes that proper nutrition is an important factor in overall health. She uses a holistic approach to promote a balanced lifestyle based on the individual. Holistic health encompasses not only a person's physical needs, but also their mental, emotional and spiritual needs. Crystal believes that supplementation can be used to help bring the body back into balance. Once balanced the need for supplementation diminishes and whole foods should be used to maintain equilibrium. Crystal believes that true power lies within, and encourages her clients to take control of their health. Crystal became fascinated with eyes when she discovered how much information the eyes contain. She uses Iridology, the study of the iris, as a non-invasive tool to gain a better picture of what is going on inside the body. After suffering from Lyme Disease that went undiagnosed, Crystal turned to alternative medicine and was able to regain power over her health by addressing the root cause of her symptoms. She believes in the power of meditation to re-sculpt the brain for better mental and emotional health. Crystal loves to travel and spends her spare time working on her art health blog, Artfully Healthy!

Kara Smith

Administrative Assistant

Bio to come!

Eden Graham

Administrative and Clinical Assistant

Eden has recently graduated from McMaster University with a Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology, and is also a CSEP Certified Personal Trainer. She will be continuing her studies at University of Toronto in September 2018 to pursue a Masters of Science in Physical Therapy. She is passionate about healthy and active living and strives to help others lead healthy lifestyles and accomplish their goals. Eden enjoys participating in a variety of activities and sports such as running, dragon boat, dance and horseback riding. She is always looking to have a chance to learn more about rehabilitation and the different fields it can encompass, and is happy to assist in any way she can.

Our Facility

RPM Physiotherapy is located inside of RPM Total Fitness in the heart of the vibrant Junction community. This boutique space has been completed renovated and features a bright, naturally lit, open training space and separate group class studios. Our clients enjoy state-of-the-art functional training equipment including Gravity Strength trainers, TRX™ suspension trainers, spin bikes and compu-training cycling. The studio has full locker and shower rooms fully stocked with all necessary amenities. Our health centre, boasts private treatment rooms with brand new hydraulic tables and top of the line modalities. Our space has been designed with the environment in mind and as such we run a paperless business. We are able to provide hard copies as necessary but maintain all medical records electronically and email invoices and appointment reminders. For further information on RPM Total Fitness, please visit their website at RPM Total Fitness


What Can I expect from my first session?

Our first meeting is a chance for us to get to know each other and to explore what might have brought you to physiotherapy or massage therapy in the first place. Your assessment will include a detailed history, a thorough physical exam, an initial treatment and take home exercises. The first appointment is also the time when we will set goals for your recovery and discuss your treatment plan, including the number of sessions and duration of treatment you will require.

What should I bring to my first appointment?

We suggest that you come dressed in clothes that you can easily move around in and that will allow us to visualize the area being treated. If we are looking at an area of the lower body please bring your current running shoes. We would also be happy to look at any diagnostic test results you may have been given from your family physician or specialist. Please arrive 5 minutes early to complete consent and registration paperwork.

Do I need a doctor’s referral to see a physiotherapist or massage therapist?

Physiotherapy and massage therapy are direct access forms of health care meaning that your therapist does not require direction from a physician to treat you. We do however welcome input from your primary health care provider and we strongly suggest that you check with your insurance provider to determine if a physician’s prescription is required to claim your treatment through your benefits.

Will my visit be covered by OHIP?

Physiotherapy and massage therapy visits at RPM Total Fitness are not covered by OHIP. For a list of designated OHIP clinics in Ontario, visit the College of Physiotherapists website at www.collegept.org

Are you able to direct bill my private health insurance?

We are able to direct bill most major insurance companies. However, not all insurances plans are the same even within the same company and not all plans allow direct billing. Please confirm with your insurance company if you are able to direct bill physiotherapy and massage therapy services through your personal benefits plan. If we are not able to direct bill, we will provide you with an itemized invoice that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Do you accept motor vehicle accident patients?

Yes, we will happily see clients following motor vehicle accidents. Please note that you will need to access both your private healthcare insurance as well as your automobile insurance. Please come prepared with your contact information and policy numbers for both types of provider.

What is your cancellation policy?

We request whenever possible that you provide us with 24 hours notice should you need to cancel or change your appointment time. Individuals who fail to do so may be subject to a cancellation fee equal to the scheduled service


All services are provided or supervised by a registered physiotherapist or registered massage therapist and may be covered by private healthcare benefits. Invoices with the treating therapist’s licence number will be provided at the time of payment. Payment is due at the time of services rendered. Please note that new rates come into effect April 15, 2017.

We accept cash, cheque, Visa, Mastercard, debit and private insurance.


60 minutes – $130.00
Includes detailed history, thorough physical exam, full treatment and home exercises

Follow Up Treatments

45 minutes – $100.00
30 minutes – $80.00

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

Initial Assessment - $150
Follow up Appointments - $90

Registered Massage Therapy

90 minutes - $150.00 + HST
60 minutes - $120.00 + HST
45 minutes - $100.00 + HST
30 minutes - $80.00 + HST

Osteopathic Candidate

Initial Assessment (90 minutes) - $150.00
Follow up (60 minutes) - $130.00
Infant or toddler session (30 minutes) - $80.00

Holistic Nutrition

Initial Assessment (60 minutes) - $130 + HST
Follow up (30 minutes) - $80 + HST
Supplement Review (30 minutes) - $80 + HST

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