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Well, the cat is out of the bag….or more aptly the bun is in the over. I have been poked, ultrasounded and prayed to the porcelain gods enough that it is now safe to share that bundle of joy #2 will be arriving next Spring. If you met me during my first pregnancy, and had the misfortune of being pregnant at the same time, you may not have liked me too much. I was the lucky person who literally had zero symptoms, carried my baby small and made pregnancy seem naively easy. Well, lightning rarely strikes twice and I can assure the younger sibling has paid me back in spades.


No problem. I am a seasoned veteran right? I am already an expert mother (said no one ever), confident (a.k.a. terrified) and at long last I have my poop together (sorry I am the mother to a small toddler parrot and swearing will only come back to bite me in the ass….S#*@#%**!&…..butt).

Wrong! I am new all over again and yearning to learn what did not sink in the first time.


Despite the fact that this time around is definitely more physically taxing and I am juggling more than ever, I do know that I am better prepared handle this pregnancy. Between this pregnancy and my first, I have had the fortunate opportunity to cultivate relationships and collaborate with some of Toronto’s foremost pre and postnatal experts through my own passion for treating moms. They are the moms I try to emulate, the business women I strive to be and the passionate experts who encourage me to grow. In many cases they are all three. These women have become the kind of resources I wish I had known about during my first pregnancy and I intend to lean hard on their expertise as I work towards a healthy and balanced pregnancy.

In my gratitude for their mentorship, friendship and collaboration, it occurred to me that this could be really valuable for moms beyond myself. Hence, The Expectant Mom Project was born. For the remainder of my pregnancy I will discuss aspects of healthy pregnancy with these amazing women from the perspective of an expectant mother. My hope is not only will this provide essential information to expectant parents but will also highlight some of the local businesses, services and products I have come to love and recommend daily to my patients.


Whether this is your first or fourth pregnancy, the goal of this project is to make information that is not routinely prescribed or less frequently shared, accessible and practical. It is intended to be a collaboration and collection of the insider information I’ve been afforded as part of part of the pre and postnatal health community. Most importantly, it is designed to empower women with reliable and evidence-based information to make the most out of the unbelievable experience of giving life. Our contributors are an unparalleled group. Their information is fantastic. Please take this journey with me and take advantage of their expertise.

Please note that this information does not and should not replace the medical advice of your physician or midwife. It is meant to add to that knowledge and allow you to explore your best version of pregnancy.

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