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Get Your Resolutions Back on Track With These Small Steps

One of my goals for 2017 is to re-engage and re-energize myself in the business side of my business. To accomplish this goal I recently went to an email marketing strategy workshop. The information was fantastic. I realized all of the great things I had to learn. I also left completely overwhelmed. The result….I turtled. I drew up into myself and did nothing with this awesome information for the next two days. Well, today this turtle is coming out of her shell, the only feasible way I know how, with very small sequential steps that break down the overwhelming task into small manageable pieces.

Last week I wrote about why so many New Year’s resolutions fail and I firmly believe we often lose sight of our goals when the over-arching task or goal seems overwhelming but if we all took that attitude nothing would ever get done. It is true that Rome was not built in a day but rather brick by brick.

This concept of taking small steps really resonates with the lifestyle changes we aim to achieve amongst our clients. Often the goal is to become more healthy, eliminate disease, get back to activity after a significant injury, lose weight or just achieve a better version of one’s self but where do you start? The answer is small. Incorporating too much change can lead to failure so choosing one or two small things that can be easily integrated into your life is often a great place to start. Success breeds success. It is also empowering, motivating and leaves you wanting more.

For those of you wanting to make changes to your overall wellness, health or physicality, here are suggestions from our healthcare team for starting small in 2017:


Eliminate one unhealthy food from your diet i.e. soda, fried food, dessert

Buy a healthy cookbook for inspiration (my favourites right now are Oh She Glows and Against All Grain)

Try one new healthy recipe a week

Investigate healthy meal delivery services


Take the stairs over the elevator or escalator

Pick a parking spot that is far away from your destination

Enlist a friend to join your on your exercise goals

Commit to 1 workout or 1 new workout a week

Go for a walk


Reduce screen time before bed

Commit to a bedtime throughout the work / school week

Set a bedtime routine that is calming

Consistently get up at the same time every day


Set aside time every week for self reflection or meditation

Learn deep breathing techniques that you can easily do throughout your day

Consider a gratitude journal or daily statement

Spend some time every day without distractions


Make a date with a friend to reconnect

Book a monthly massage or maintenance with a healthcare practitioner of you choice

Reconnect with your partner

Spend some time stretching, exercising or doing a physical activity you enjoy

Dive into a great book

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