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How to Improve Gut Inflammation and Bloating Using Castor Oil

Did you know that your organs can cause bloating, back pain, inflammation and so much more. It is important to take care of our abdomens and that means our organs too! We all know our diet affects our gut but the real question is what else can you do to reduce inflammation?

1. Start with diet changes and try to eat green with every meal.
2. Use a castor oil pack placed over your abdomen to help reduce gut inflammation.
3. Keep moving! Movement is health so get outside and go for a walk, hit the gym, attend a fitness class, or yoga.

If that is not enough try manual therapy to promote organ health. Manual techniques for your small intestine, liver and colon can help to reduce gut inflammation, increase energy levels and promote healthy bowel movements.

What is a Castor Oil Pack?

Castor oil helps to promote detoxification, improve hormonal balance, increase circulation, improve the function of our digestive system, and to decrease inflammation. To make a castor oil pack all you need is: castor oil, a hot water bottle and a piece of unbleached flannel (ideal).  Take the castor oil and pour a small amount of oil onto the unbleached flannel, place the unbleached flannel with the castor oil on your abdomen and the hot water bottle on top. Relax for 30 minutes to an hour and enjoy the anti-inflammatory benefits of castor oil pack!

Oja organic castor oil and compresses are now available for resale through the clinic. Ask your practitioner about the use of castor oil today.


Leah Henderson

Registered Kinesiologist / Osteopathy Candidate

Leah is a registered kinesiologist and fourth year Osteopathy Candidate. She a natural medicine practitioner and believes the body has a tremendous ability to heal itself. She uses her manual practice to help patients restore tissue mobility, position and vitality. She is a graduate of McMaster University’s kinesiology program and former varsity soccer athlete who is focused not only on short term health but also on long term recovery. She understands that people play an active role in their recovery and recognizes the benefits of both aerobic and resistance training. She has a keen interest in cranial health due to her many concussions received through sport. However, with her second degree in Gerontology she also understands the aging population. In her spare time you can find Leah spending time with friends, enjoying the outdoors or being active. She loves, to run, climb, cycle, ski or play any sport! She is a certified spin instructor and challenge course practitioner and she is committed to healthy active living!

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