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How to Squat During Pregnancy

If you ran into me at the gym last year, you know I didn’t shy away from exercise, very often hard exercise, while I was pregnant with my son. I always caution that it isn’t for everyone and I had the benefits of being a physiotherapist, trained and monitored by top fitness professionals, with the blessing of my ObGyn. I was cautious and scaled back my weights and activities according to not only my stage of pregnancy but also to how I felt that day.

Recent research has suggested that exercise is not only key in healthy weight gain during pregnancy but prevents long term weight gain contributing to obesity. Anecdotally, I am convinced it made a huge difference in my labour and more importantly my recovery. I’ve been able to return to physical activity faster following this pregnancy and while the baby weight is not completely gone, I am much further ahead than I was at this stage in my first pregnancy.

Naturally when Kara Stewart Agostino of KSA Personal Training, who trained me following the birth of my daughter, asked me to model for her Girls Gone Strong piece “Why You Should Squat During Pregnancy”, I jumped at the chance to help out. As a physiotherapist, squats are one of my favourite exercises. Not only to they target multiple muscles including your core, they are functional in motherhood. You may not realize it but when you have kids, especially small kids, you squat all the time.

So if you would like to know where to start and the right form to keep you safe, reading Kara’s article is a great place to start.

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