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7 Signs You Need a Nutritionist

Living in the digital age is amazing but having access to so much information can be overwhelming. Who do you listen to when you’ve got questions regarding nutrition and your health? Here are 7 signs it’s time you saw a Nutritionist (like me!).

You Don’t Poop Everyday

Being regular doesn’t mean you poop every Monday at 4. Regular bowel movements should be happening at least once everyday. Not having a bowel movement everyday leads to constipation which means all those toxins your body is trying to get rid of are being reabsorbed. Constipation can cause acne, high cholesterol, and bowel conditions such as diverticulitis, yikes! As a Nutritionist I can help you get your bowels running smoothly which will have an amazing impact on the rest of your health.

You Get Hangry

If you’ve ever had to apologize for your actions prior to eating then keep reading. Hangry may seem like a new word but it’s actually been around for a few decades. Thanks to the internet, and our declining eating habits Hanger has made a comeback. Hanger is what happens when your need for food makes you irrationally angry. It’s what causes your friends to panic when they can’t find food for you. Do you wonder why this happens? No matter how hard you try to control your emotions, when you haven’t eaten for awhile it seems impossible. Hanger is a result of your blood sugar getting too low. A simple fix is eating something with sugar. And no, I don’t mean that chocolate bar. I’m talking about carrots and hummus or an apple with nut butter. Allowing your blood sugar to drop and spike is what causes diabetes. Come see a Nutritionist, like me, and go from hangry to healthy.

You Lose Energy in the Afternoons

Do you and your couch have a standing appointment every day at 4pm, or at least you wish you did? We often attribute our loss of energy to age but that’s just not the case. Energy levels are closely related to what you’re eating and when you’re eating it. Without getting into too much detail your body uses carbohydrates (not just the starchy ones we’ve been trained to believe are bad, carbohydrates include fruits and vegetables too) as its main fuel source. Fun fact: Did you know your brain which accounts for only 3% of your body mass, takes 25% of your body’s energy? When you don’t eat regularly or you don’t eat enough carbohydrates your body can’t make enough energy to keep you going throughout the day. This is another sign that you’re heading down the road towards diabetes. Thankfully, with some nutritional counselling you can stop, turn around and drive back up the road towards health.

You Have Trouble Sleeping

There are some people who are asleep before their head even hits the pillow…and then there’s you. You can’t seem to stay awake while sitting on the couch watching the news and yet the minute your head hits the pillow it’s bye bye sheep and hello steam train of thoughts. Why does your brain pick 11pm as the perfect time to have you try and organize your life for the next 3 months? There are many reasons why you can’t sleep, which is probably why all the things you’ve read about online, or that family and friends have recommended that you try haven’t helped. Sleep is a vital part of life especially when it comes to our body’s regeneration, which is why we haven’t evolved out of needing it. So stop letting your brain drive you around all night. Come see a Nutritionist and get some shut eye.

Your Stress Level Is Off the Charts

We all have stress. But did you know that stress is now being looked at as the number one cause of disease? Stress can negatively impact every area of your life and can actually make you look and feel much older than your actual age. The thing about stress is that is isn’t going anywhere so you better learn how to manage it. With proper diet and supplementation, recommended by a Nutritionist, you can stop stressing and start enjoying life.

You Are Too Busy to Eat Healthy

In today’s day and age eating healthy has never been easier but sometimes we don’t have enough time to make our meals. Whether you’re looking for someone to come to your home and prepare meals for you family, or looking to have food delivered to your office, a Nutritionist can ensure you’re eating healthy meals every day.

You Are Taking Supplements Recommended by the Internet

You’ve got a symptom, your body is trying to tell you something. You go online to find out what it means. You diagnose yourself with some obscure disease. Yikes. Thankfully there’s a supplement to help with that. So you buy it and you take it and maybe your symptom goes away. And maybe now you’ve got a whole cupboard full of supplements someone has recommended for you. Do you really need to be spending all this money on supplements every month? Which ones are you supposed to take with food? What exactly are they doing? If you find you’re taking supplements and you’re not entirely sure why it’s time you see a Nutritionist. As a Nutritionist I will work within your budget to ensure you are only taking the supplements you need.

Crystal McIntyre

Certified Holistic Nutritionist / Certified Iridologist

Crystal believes that proper nutrition is an important factor in overall health. She uses a holistic approach to promote a balanced lifestyle based on the individual. Holistic health encompasses not only the body’s physical needs but also mental, emotional and spiritual needs as well.  Crystal loves to travel and spends her spare time working on her art health blog, Artfully Healthy! She is available at RPM Physiotherapy every Tuesday afternoon and can be reached directly at crystal@rpmstudio.ca.

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