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Rehab Exercise of the Week – THE SQUAT


I’m really excited to be able to present this weekly feature with the help of some of our amazing personal trainers at RPM Total Fitness. Theserehab friendly exercises will help us target key in building critical ‪‎strength‬ and stability‬ while demonstrating great form.

Today Josh shows us one of my favorites, the . If you could only do one , this might be it. It engages major core and lower body stabilizers including the ‪‎glutes‬, ‪‎hamstrings‬ and ‪‎quads‬. Proper form encourages activation of the ‪‎vastus medialis‬ or inner quad to support the knee.


1. Do NOT allow your knees to track beyond your toes. Pretend you are sitting back in a chair.

2. Shift your weight into your heels.

3. Keep your chest and head upright as you get to the bottom of the squat.

4. Engage your core to stabilize the pelvis.

5. Keep your knees shoulder width apart and center your weight.

If you are doing your squat correctly, body weight can be sufficient for beginners. If you are finding it challenging, place your back against a wall and slide up and down until you are ready for the free form version.


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